Seattle Travel Guide at Bing

This is a Bing page and the recognizable symbol of the letter B appear appears in the top left corner next to a box with a search function. A large color photograph of the Seattle skyline with mountains in the distance spans across the width of the page. Under the heading “Seattle”, smaller text explains this is a city in the US and a suggestion that the ideal stay would be two nights. A paragraph follows containing an overview of the city. Two titles below add further information on what activities are popular and the best time to visit with average temperatures. On the right-hand side, a section appears under the heading “Plan a Trip”. It indicates the average cost, in dollars, for a two-day trip and there are links below with icons to guide you to book a flight or a hotel.

The next part of the page features a row of tiles under the heading “Points of interest”. Each tile features an image and a title of a relevant part of the city with a list for each one to indicate what activities it supports. The row can move to reveal further tiles by clicking a white arrow at the edge of the page. Clicking on the tile opens a link to more details on that section.

The next section is an image of a map of Seattle, which can be enlarged or moved with the cursor. Below this is a further row of tiles, each showing a different itinerary for potential stays. The next section shows the average temperature and a bar chart spans the page indicating the average amount of visitors each month. Below the chart, a further row of tiles appears. Each tile is a link to a travel article connected to Seattle, including an image, title, and brief overview. At the bottom of the page, a further row of tiles in the same style offer links to different cities in the US.

Seattle Travel Guide at Bing

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