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What’s my IP address?

Every device that is connected to the Internet gets assigned a special code for identification, known as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. Its primary functions are identification and location addressing.

There are two different types of IP addresses – the IPv4 and IPv6. The first one was commonly used from the beginning of the Internet era. Due to the increasing accessibility of the Internet and the rising number of users, the IPv4 address space was exhausted.

This led to the development of a new version in 1995, known as IPv6. After rigorous testing and tweaking, it became commercially available in the 2000s. It offers a sufficient amount of addresses, much more than the previous version did. Nowadays, IPv4 and IPv6 are used simultaneously.

You can find your IP address easily by going online and searching “what’s my IP address?”. There are numerous websites that will show it to you and even more.

But what other information is there in your IP?

Don’t worry, there’s no personal information like your name, age, etc. You could, however, get an approximate location, which can be way off from the real deal, Internet Service Provider and postcode. This info may not be true, especially if the person you are looking up is using a VPN. It stands for Virtual Private Network and helps to reroute internet traffic through different locations, thus concealing their real IP address.

An IP address can be used to verify payments and protect from fraud. If you are ordering something expensive online and your delivery address is in one continent, but your IP’s from another, then your transaction may be denied.

A website can block certain IP addresses from viewing their content. This is used to protect against spammers.

Your IP address is fairly easy to find out and contains some information about you. It’s nothing to worry about, however, as it is not at all revealing.


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Windows Help – Find proper answers to your Windows related questions

Windows Help is a web page provided in the Microsoft website in order to help us clear our doubts about many possible questions that may appear while using the Windows (or also called Win, abbreviated) system software, but at the moment the information shown it’s mostly related to Win 10 because it’s the latest Win OS at the moment, and also the one with more features.

On this page we can find a short list classifying the different questions we might have into various topics. These topics are:

– Update and Activate Win operating systems: Here you can find information about how to fix some common errors that appear after a Win update or how to reinstall Win 10 or even go back to older Win operating systems such as Win 8.1 or Win 7, among many other possible cases.

– Internet and Storage: Find your Wi-Fi password if you have forgotten about it, how to connect to a VPN using Win 10 capabilities or try to find the problem that is causing you trouble while trying to use the Wi-Fi with your Win 10 computer are some of the things we can find in this section.

– Security and Privacy: Discover security related possibilities such as encrypting files, turn on and off the Windows protector firewall called “Defender” or add an exclusion to this one.

– Devices and Recovery: Learn how to install drivers to your devices, so they run smoothly and without causing you any problems or learn how to install a printer in Win 10 and clear many other doubts you might encounter such as learning to deal with different devices or trying to backup your information using multiple methods.

– Microsoft Store and related apps: Here you will mostly find information about how to download and install apps and troubleshoot any possible issues that might appear during the process.

– Gaming and Mixed Reality: Fix gaming related issues and learn to use the Virtual Reality stuff that Windows has available for you. For instance, you can find here how to play Steam-VR video games using the Win 10 mixed reality possibilities.

A complete guide to Narrator: all you wanted to know

Need a little help to make better use of your Windows Narrator App? Here’s a complete guide to Narrator, with everything you need to know about this convenient tool that can help you work, study, and even learn new information from the web.

What is Microsoft Narrator

Microsoft Narrator, commonly known as just ‘Narrator’, is a reader utility included in your Microsoft Windows Operating System. This tool reads the contents you instruct it to out loud. This allows you to perform other tasks, or take notes, while the system reads the materials you need to hear.

Currently Narrator is included as a part of Windows 10, so you don’t need to download or install the app to use it. You can set up the app to read boxes or texts, and even chosen sentences – including the current selected one, the previous one, and the following one.

You need to be logged into your Microsoft Account to start using this app.

How to use Narrator

Using Narrator is quite simple. Open up the app by pressing the Windows Key + Control key + Enter key. You can open up the settings on Narrator by pressing Windows key + Control key + N. Then, just start navigating through contents and enjoy the materials being read out to you while you have your hands busy in other tasks.

Note Narrator will read the information displayed on the screen. If you need the app to read a certain text, hover your mouse over it. You can also determine the voice used by this app, included your support languages and male/female options.

Where to read the most complete guide to Narrator

While this app is very easy to use, some users might need more help performing certain tasks. There are many things this great app can do for you (too many to include in this short article), but worry not! We have the answer you need, right below.

To find out more and an even more complete guide to Narrator, follow this link.

People App Help: Get all the detailed information you need, right here

Are you looking for some People App help? Then look no more. Here you’ll find all you need to know to fully enjoy this great app that’s gaining followers from all over the world. Make sure to read this full article!

What is the People App?

The People App is a platform developed by Microsoft for Windows 10, that helps you stay connected with all your contacts. It serves as a contact list platform, but also is useful for sharing updates, accomplishments and more, in a similar way Social media platforms do.

Being a part of the Microsoft Family, one perk of this app is showing which of the Microsoft Services your contacts use. This, as they say, helps you ‘choose how you want to connect with them.’

Besides the regular Contacts List, the Microsoft People App includes integrated email and communications services (including Skype calls), a Calendar app (with notifications, schedules, appointments, events and alarms), and more useful tips to help you stay connected, and organize your daily life too.

You can download Microsoft people App from the Microsoft Store, following this link.

support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14103/windows-people-app-help(opens in a new tab)

Get People App Help

When encountering problems with your Microsoft people App, make sure to check the following:

  • Your access credentials. Make sure you are using your correct Microsoft Account credentials, particularly if you have more than one of if someone else has been accessing their account in your device lately.
  • App Updates. Check for possible updates for your app, visiting the Microsoft Store page.
  • Restart. This is a classic move right here – If you keep having problems with your app, try turning your device off and back on to ‘refresh’ all permissions and systems. Sounds silly, but quite often this resolves many issues with several programs and services!

Everything has failed – now what?

Don’t panic. There are still many things to do. Find out more about this app and convenient tips and tricks for troubleshooting the most common issues, following this link.

Troubleshooting problems signing into Skype

Are you seeking good advice that can help you troubleshooting problems signing into Skype? Then you are in the right place. There are common issues that can be preventing you from accessing your Skype account. Best news is: they are often very simple to resolve! Make sure you read this full article, and find out all you need to know.

Common access issues

There are some quite common issues many users experience when trying to access their Skype accounts. As the Skype Support Website acknowledges, these are:

  • Forgetting username and/or password. Very simple to fix. Just click on the Forgot Password (or username) link, submit your email address, and get your access credentials via email.
  • Account Restricted/Account Suspended. This is most commonly due to unusual activity, payment problems, or Skype’s Terms Of Use infraction. Click the “Fix your account” in the banners on screen to solve this problem.
  • Wrong User Information. Skype is meant to be used for legally aged users. If you aren’t, of if your information is wrong in their system, contact Skype and prove your age to solve this issue.
  • Wrong Access Account. Some people used to access Skype using other services accounts, such as Facebook – however this is no longer an option (since 2018). You need to access using your Skype or Microsoft Account credentials.
  • Outdated Skype. This one is easy! Just make sure to update your program from the Help menu. And problem solved!
  • Skype is down? Finally, there is a very slim possibility the Skype service might be down at the moment you need to access your account. Follow this link to check Skype status.

Troubleshooting problems signing into Skype

If none of the above common fixes solve your access issue, then make sure to seek for special help. Follow the link below to get detailed information on your account, and find out more about why you are being blocked out of your Skype account.

Get all the assistance you need for troubleshooting problems signing into Skype (and more) right here in this page.

Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

If you need to get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality, then you are in the right place. Here’s you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about all you need to know to get the assistance you need. Breathe, relax, and read this article below. Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

Windows Mixed Reality… what???

Microsoft Mixed Reality is a platform introduced as a part of the Windows 10 OS. This platform provides holographic and mixed reality experiences made possible by the use of special devices. Microsoft Mixed Reality most popular devices are the HoloLens (smart glasses set) and the Immersive Headset (virtual reality headsets).


The whole holographic experiences enables users to experience real life in a very special manner. Using this platform and devices, you can actually live the experience, instead of just seeing it. The system uses real-life physical surfaces to display virtual elements you can interact with. That’s why they get the name ‘holograms’.

What is the difference between mixed reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality?

In a nutshell, we talk about Virtual Reality as an artificial environment, Augmented Reality as an overlaying of virtual objects in a real environment, and Mixed Reality as an overlaying and anchoring of virtual objects in the real-world environment, enabling interaction with them.

Windows Mixed Reality for Windows OS

To start enjoying your Mixed Reality platform, first thing to do is to get the Microsoft Mixed Reality pack from the Microsoft Store. Currently the app is free for downloads (for Microsoft Account holders), and offers more than 3000 games and VR (Virtual Reality) experiences.

You can see the system and devices requirements here.

Next step is to set the app up, and start enjoying this new way to experience the environment around you!

How to get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

If you have problems setting your app in your device, make sure to check the system requirements from the downloads page first. You can also visit this page, which will perform and automated checkup of your system to make sure it supports this app:

If you still encounter issues with your app, find out more and get the assistance you need following this link right here.

How to use the Microsoft Contact Page

Microsoft Contact Page is a very simple yet convenient tool that can allow you get answers to all your inquiries. But it is more than just that. Make sure to read this short article and discover how to better use the Microsoft Contact Page to get all the help you want, and achieve more in your Microsoft experience!

The Microsoft Contact Page in detail

At first glimpse, the Microsoft contact page is a simple way to communicate with Microsoft representatives. With a simple and easy-to-use display, all you need to do is click/tap the blue button to start a ‘conversation’ with a Virtual Assistant. This is an automated bot designed to identify the topic of your inquiry, in order to provide assistance or connect you with the best-suited representative.

Click the blue button and type in the topic of your inquiry. Now remember: this is a bot. Though it is designed to identify greetings and ‘small talk’, it is best to just type in the topic or your question – as simple as that. Click the Enter key or tap to send your question, and the bot will take you by the hand throughout your assistance process.

support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus/(opens in a new tab)

Other tools in the Microsoft Contact Page

Besides the ‘live chat’ with the bot, there are some other great tools available in the contact page. First to appear in order are the three more ‘specific’ general topics:

Business, IT & Developers. This is specific help and support requests for people and business with a Microsoft Support Plan. You need to log in to use this service.

Microsoft Store. Here you’ll find a convenient summary of general questions and specific topics regarding the store, the purchase process, and more – Including Technical and Download support. Click on the menu options to find the answers you are looking for!

Disability Answer Desk. This is the place for customers with disabilities to get support with Microsoft Office, Xbox Accessibility, and Windows. It includes product issues, accessibility questions and use of ‘assistive technology’.

How can I use the Microsoft Contact Page

You can simply access the contact page using the link below and start surfing through all tools.

For a better and more customized experience, remember to log in your Microsoft account before start using these services.

Visit the Microsoft Contact Page following this link right here.