How to use the Microsoft Contact Page

Microsoft Contact Page is a very simple yet convenient tool that can allow you get answers to all your inquiries. But it is more than just that. Make sure to read this short article and discover how to better use the Microsoft Contact Page to get all the help you want, and achieve more in your Microsoft experience!

The Microsoft Contact Page in detail

At first glimpse, the Microsoft contact page is a simple way to communicate with Microsoft representatives. With a simple and easy-to-use display, all you need to do is click/tap the blue button to start a ‘conversation’ with a Virtual Assistant. This is an automated bot designed to identify the topic of your inquiry, in order to provide assistance or connect you with the best-suited representative.

Click the blue button and type in the topic of your inquiry. Now remember: this is a bot. Though it is designed to identify greetings and ‘small talk’, it is best to just type in the topic or your question – as simple as that. Click the Enter key or tap to send your question, and the bot will take you by the hand throughout your assistance process. in a new tab)

Other tools in the Microsoft Contact Page

Besides the ‘live chat’ with the bot, there are some other great tools available in the contact page. First to appear in order are the three more ‘specific’ general topics:

Business, IT & Developers. This is specific help and support requests for people and business with a Microsoft Support Plan. You need to log in to use this service.

Microsoft Store. Here you’ll find a convenient summary of general questions and specific topics regarding the store, the purchase process, and more – Including Technical and Download support. Click on the menu options to find the answers you are looking for!

Disability Answer Desk. This is the place for customers with disabilities to get support with Microsoft Office, Xbox Accessibility, and Windows. It includes product issues, accessibility questions and use of ‘assistive technology’.

How can I use the Microsoft Contact Page

You can simply access the contact page using the link below and start surfing through all tools.

For a better and more customized experience, remember to log in your Microsoft account before start using these services.

Visit the Microsoft Contact Page following this link right here.

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