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Are you looking for some People App help? Then look no more. Here you’ll find all you need to know to fully enjoy this great app that’s gaining followers from all over the world. Make sure to read this full article!

What is the People App?

The People App is a platform developed by Microsoft for Windows 10, that helps you stay connected with all your contacts. It serves as a contact list platform, but also is useful for sharing updates, accomplishments and more, in a similar way Social media platforms do.

Being a part of the Microsoft Family, one perk of this app is showing which of the Microsoft Services your contacts use. This, as they say, helps you ‘choose how you want to connect with them.’

Besides the regular Contacts List, the Microsoft People App includes integrated email and communications services (including Skype calls), a Calendar app (with notifications, schedules, appointments, events and alarms), and more useful tips to help you stay connected, and organize your daily life too.

You can download Microsoft people App from the Microsoft Store, following this link. in a new tab)

Get People App Help

When encountering problems with your Microsoft people App, make sure to check the following:

  • Your access credentials. Make sure you are using your correct Microsoft Account credentials, particularly if you have more than one of if someone else has been accessing their account in your device lately.
  • App Updates. Check for possible updates for your app, visiting the Microsoft Store page.
  • Restart. This is a classic move right here – If you keep having problems with your app, try turning your device off and back on to ‘refresh’ all permissions and systems. Sounds silly, but quite often this resolves many issues with several programs and services!

Everything has failed – now what?

Don’t panic. There are still many things to do. Find out more about this app and convenient tips and tricks for troubleshooting the most common issues, following this link.

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