Get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

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Windows Mixed Reality… what???

Microsoft Mixed Reality is a platform introduced as a part of the Windows 10 OS. This platform provides holographic and mixed reality experiences made possible by the use of special devices. Microsoft Mixed Reality most popular devices are the HoloLens (smart glasses set) and the Immersive Headset (virtual reality headsets).

The whole holographic experiences enables users to experience real life in a very special manner. Using this platform and devices, you can actually live the experience, instead of just seeing it. The system uses real-life physical surfaces to display virtual elements you can interact with. That’s why they get the name ‘holograms’.

What is the difference between mixed reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality?

In a nutshell, we talk about Virtual Reality as an artificial environment, Augmented Reality as an overlaying of virtual objects in a real environment, and Mixed Reality as an overlaying and anchoring of virtual objects in the real-world environment, enabling interaction with them.

Windows Mixed Reality for Windows OS

To start enjoying your Mixed Reality platform, first thing to do is to get the Microsoft Mixed Reality pack from the Microsoft Store. Currently the app is free for downloads (for Microsoft Account holders), and offers more than 3000 games and VR (Virtual Reality) experiences.

You can see the system and devices requirements here.

Next step is to set the app up, and start enjoying this new way to experience the environment around you!

How to get help with PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

If you have problems setting your app in your device, make sure to check the system requirements from the downloads page first. You can also visit this page, which will perform and automated checkup of your system to make sure it supports this app:

If you still encounter issues with your app, find out more and get the assistance you need following this link right here.

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