Microsoft AppSource – Find the App that your Business needs

Microsoft AppSource is a web-page provided by Microsoft in order to help businesses improve different aspects of their working environment. You can find this page on:

From mail signatures to legal rights apps, Microsoft AppSource can definitely be one of your best allies in the online business market. We can find these applications classified by:

  • Categories: Here you will find apps related to many topics such as… Human Resources, Marketing, Productivity, Sales, etc.
  • Industry: Apps associated to the different types of industries of the market, for example… Education, Health, Government, Agriculture… and so on.
  • Product: Regarding different Microsoft products, for instance… Office 365, Web Apps along with others.

On the bottom of the pagewe can see a sign telling us that we do not need to pay for the application upfront, but we can try it for free and then decide if it’s the proper app to include in our business or not, as well as exclusive Microsoft apps plus some apps provided by Microsoft trusted partners. They ensure you are working with the best people on their respective areas.

In the middle of the page, we can see some of the most recommended applications for businesses and if we click on them, we will get in detail information about the service they are selling. We can also see the ratings of the applications, however, in some cases this information is not available simply because they haven’t been reviewed or bought in this web-page.

At the end of the page, we can also see some other related web-pages related to Microsoft sites divided in lists by categories so if you are looking something specific in the Microsoft website maybe this web-page can help you.

Microsoft AppSource is something that can be really useful if you have a business working environment that lacks a few things here and there, and we highly recommend it.

Microsoft AppSource

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