Previous Versions of Microsoft Products

This page appears in the products section of the Microsoft website. The standard tape appears at the top with links to the rest of the website and, in this section, a button to purchase Office 365 is added. A white box with a drop-down menu appears in the top-right section which allows you to change the country you are interested in. A shaded box takes up most of the screen, with an image of a desktop PC and slightly older looking printer to the right-hand side. On the left is a large heading: “The tools you use every day, only better with Office 365”. A paragraph follows which asks the reader if they are using an older version of Office and explains Office 365 can allow access to the most up to date Office apps. Two red buttons appear beneath the paragraph, one to purchase Office 365 and one to try for free.

The next part of the page contains a large heading stating customers can do more with Office 365 followed by a paragraph outlining some of the features of the subscription. Three images appear below this paragraph, one for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013. The name of the version and a paragraph with further information appears beneath each one. This information refers to the improvements made to various tools such as features in Word and PowerPoint. Clicking on the image takes you to a page that offers an upgrade to Office 365. A blue “learn more” link also appears below each paragraph.

At the very bottom of the page, text in black says “Follow Office” adjacent to four icons for different sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Microsoft blog. Beneath this, a shaded box shows an outline of the rest of the website and clicking on each title will take you to the relevant page. The copyright for 2019 appears in the bottom right corner in small text.

Previous Versions of Microsoft Products

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