Microsoft Technet Documentation and resources

As the name suggests, Microsoft TechNet is the online hub for all technical information pertaining to the company’s products and services. Originally, TechNet was a subscription service which allowed users to download Microsoft’s products for private use.

However, this facility was discontinued in 2013. Since then, the web portal has exclusively functioned as a channel for information about Microsoft technologies and an open dialog between IT professionals, Microsoft product users and the company’s experts.

The present day Microsoft TechNet Documentation and Resources site!

Currently, the site is a repository of documentation, discussions and details that IT professionals and end users would need to successfully use Microsoft technologies and products.

The information offered on the portal comes from Microsoft as well as from the worldwide IT professional community at large. The website is available in 12 languages and hosts nearly 12,000 documents.

What will you find on Microsoft TechNet Documentation and Resources web portal?

  1. A library: If you are an advanced user or an IT professional, TechNet’s library will prove to be its most valuable resource for you. Divided into 21 sections, the TechNet library is home to the company’s complete knowledge base, which includes white papers, case studies, technical training material, guides for operation and more.
  2. A forum: An open exchange of information among community members, TechNet’s forum allows Microsoft’s experts and IT professionals from all over to pool their knowledge in one place.
  3. A blog: Although only Microsoft employees are allowed to upload their posts on TechNet’s blogging platform, there sure are a lot of expert opinions and views on there that make it worthy of your time.
  4. The TechNet Wiki: It goes without saying that Microsoft was inspired by Wikipedia on this one. TechNet’s Wiki has the same features as Wikipedia and offers all community members the ability to contribute to, edit, enhance and even provide comments on existing and new topics.
  5. The downloads: This section allows you to download service packs, security updates, drivers, apps, SDK’s, developer tools and more.
  6. The troubleshooting: Perhaps the most useful section for newbies, expert and advanced users, under it, you will find details on how to use TechNet to solve problems, information on event IDs and error codes and a lot more.
  7. The learning: If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft technologies, this is the section for you. You can join Microsoft’s virtual academy, attend online training sessions led by experts, find a classroom event and get details on Microsoft’s tech showcase events from the training section of the portal.

The topics covered by these sections include just about every service and product that the company offers. The key topics are divided into 3 sections; cloud platform, productivity and mobility. Together, these 3 sections cover Office 365, SharePoint, Windows, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure and others.

In addition to all of this, you can sign up for free trials of Microsoft’s products and services by accessing the Microsoft Evaluation Center through the TechNet portal. The platform also has the most up to date information about training and events held by Microsoft. Simply put, if it’s about Microsoft, you will find it on the TechNet site!

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